ever saturating lesbian kisses

Our sensuous caresses have lead to this moment when my hand takes the plunge and my fingers enter her saturated lips and brush her button to feel her hips lunge for more. As if she has been holding her breath tight, she lets out a long exhaling pant mixed with a whine for more ...and now.

tidal wave of lesbian emotion

craving her abundant affection and trust

pondering the wide range of emotion felt between the touch of her hand on my knee in friendship, and
the passionate touch of her fingers all over
....and inside me

and inside our very essance we are joined ..this moment..immortal
from tidal wave

entwined in lesbian embrace

Kiss me and slip your tongue deep within
feel our tongues entwined and our embrace draw closer

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gosh ..this just did it for me from the start --innoncence --passion ..tribbing ...more tribbing ..great eye contact --romance