Amateur Lesbian Kiss

the next now we know...our destiny ...arms entwined this time and I loved her slightly opened lips opening wider...quickly much wider to invite me and allow me inside with my tongue and to beckon hers within me.

this kiss where my hand caresses her cheek, her neck, her ear and her hair while a kiss becomes many and our fires are built.

three lesbian kiss moments of passion

the softest arms of the sweetest desire

someday, darling, i hope soon, you are going to be leaning back on that pillow my arms warmly around you my eyes upon yours and feasting on your body ..and enjoying how wonderful a woman you are to spend time with ..laugh withm love with, ill be on my way down with my fingers, lips, tongue, and will know it is about to happen, we both will savor the moment
so pleasurable for you the receiver of my longings...all for you and for me...more pleasurable to know the every tingle and zing between us in the passion of first realized orgasmic connection