Glee Lesbian making out with Brittany and Santana

Glee Lesbian Making Out
Just want to say..this is as far as Glee has gone with the lesbian thing this year.   I about peed my panties when I saw this last night. Lets try to remember that these are innocent High School girls ok ?(I remember being one of those at one time)  Here are the images from the lesbian making out (no tender kiss YET, but there was a reference to the two Cheerio's tribbing ) and the dialogue from the Glee episode "Duets"

Episode from October 12, 2010
(Over the previous episodes it has become clear that Brittany is the Lesbian one with the capital L, Santana is bi, given her relationship with Puck and Brittany)

(Slow pan from the youth pictures of Brittany cheerleading, so we know it's her bedroom, to the bottom of the bed and agonizingly slow  to the top with the two cheerleaders lying prone, Santana on top of Brittany, making out, sucking on her neck. )
Brittany (Sighing) "Oh your sweet lady kisses."
Santana"mmmm hmmm...It's a nice break from all that scissoring"
Brittany. (pulling her back in towards her neck and holding her around the shoulders ever so much tighter) We should do a duet together.  We should sing Melissa Ethridge's Come To My Window
Santana: (frustrated) First of all, there's alot of talking going on, and I wants to get my mac on. (Dives back into her neck, her right hand headed towards Brittanys breast)
Brittany: Well I don't know just...
Santana: (interrupting and sitting up) Second of all, Im not making out with you cause I'm in love with you and want to sing about making lady babies.  I'm only here because Puck's been in the slammer for about 12 hours now and I'm like a lizard.  I need something warm beneath me or I can't digest my food" 

Lesbian Desert ?

And so ..we admit what is needed and succumb to lay down the swords of passion we are battling with to "do" each other ... we built up an ocean of desire to feel the rush of all that power pour out onto each others fingers, tongue, and skin. The hour of our skin to skin sharing of heat and outdoing each others fingers and mouths for the orgasms we lose count of quickly are the neccessary release of what we share in the moments before ....I think I have to say that making love like this is like having the dessert before the main course.
by akiss2desire

a lesbian kiss we both so crave

I LOVE the position she has me in , behind me, leaning into my back with her soft breasts oh so noticeably squashing against me back there, and I turn my head to offer her my mouth for a kiss we both so crave. The kiss on each others full lips breaks to her lowering her mouth to my shoulders and nape of my neck and I have tingles and building desire and awareness of the coziness we are creating for each other with each surrender of independence to one another.

"From A Lesbian Kiss 2 Desire" blog

Where it Leads ? Nobody Knows ..or do we :)

Brunette and Redhead Lesbian Kisses

I am about to kiss you
you are
"yes i are" I tease," and im hoping you will kiss me back"
and she surprises me by replying, "ive been waiting forever for two things
one..for you to kiss me
and two to kiss you back
and theres a three......but that comes later"

I lean to her ..she leans to me
softly-"you smell so good."
softly "so do you"
we kissed
"...ive been waiting forever for you to do that" she reiterated
"why didnt you tell me?"
"what took you so long?"
I peck at her lips,, "i dont know....but i dont want to stop"

and we kiss and kiss and kiss so deep, warm and wonderful.
"if you have a suggestion ..its time you make it"
(what she always said in a business setting to me to let me decide what we were both thinking)

"I hope we aren't making a mistake," I say thinking lesbian romance is probably not the best thing for one's career
"its too late" as she opens her mouth so wide to fully invite my tongue as sensuously deep at it shall go.

Very deep kiss

reaching for her soft breast
a soft sigh of release...I never ever tire of a lovers reaction to my touch

ever done this?

uh uh (no) you ?

mmmm hmmm (yes)

I thought so

Lesbian series of passionate and orgasmic kissing

orgasmic kissing...these are two very passionate women making out

Its always so hard to find vids where the women are surely into each other ..wonderful

Unbridled lesbian attraction and a kiss

Its not only the fire in the cabin that creates the heat in the room. The look of your eyes shows an appreciation, a hunger that I share looking at you with unbridled attraction, and the forces between us create a communication for which the two of us need not speak words.