Who Should Be My Lesbian Fan Fiction Fuck

As long as I have been writing 1st person lesbian erotica with my own true experiences mixed with my lesbian and bisexual  fantasies, I have been tempted to give it a shot on the "fan fiction" front.  After all, "Fifty Shades Of Grey" started as Twilight fan fiction before the author realized what she had and changed the characters names and situations. 

My earliest remembrance of lesbian fan fiction came when I was in high school and enjoyed Start Trek Next Generation.  I read on a "newsgroup" (do they still have those ?) a story with Deanna Troi and Dr. Crusher making love.  Gosh it was cheezy ...however, I could TOTALLY see it in my minds eye.  Yes ...I got off ..and good.   I already had lesbian crush on both of them.   Whoever the writer was, I owe them a debt of gratitude.

So ...I think I want to give it a whirl ...we will see where it goes ..but I want to give you the chance to pick who I write about.   What I have in mind is fan fiction involving mainly straight ladies I would love to know what their reaction would be and how their orgasms would feel to me as I found my way someway or another into bed with her and turned her world upside down with my fingers, lips, hands, mouth, and tongue.  And my passion.   I remember this scene on the L word where a "groupie" was going down on renowned tennis great Dana, and looked up from between her legs and exclaimed like a giddy schoolgirl..."I can't believe I eating Dana Fairbanks pussy."    See ...I think I would be that starstruck between any of the girls I have chosen...but now I ask you to vote.  WHOSE pussy would you like for me to fantasy eat ?   LOL....  this could be fun.  Please help me out.


Liz Lemon -Tina Fey from 30 Rock - I love a girl with wit and girl next door beauty ...I'll just bet she is multi orgasmic with an easy to pull trigger.  

Robin Meade from CNN Headline News (HUGE CRUSH !)  If you watch her, you know ...oozing with sex appeal and confidence and so so so cute with outstanding taste in clothes and cleavage.  I want her on top of me...riding my thigh ...guiding my passion.
Ginnifer Michelle Goodwin -Snow White  from Once Upon A Time  -Her soft eyes sometimes already look as though she is approaching volcanic orgasm.  I'm dying to know her sounds and vibrations when I bring her to a quaking orgasm that subsides in moments so I can twist my tongue on her button again to take her to another world.   Imagine what I can do with a  little fairytale magic in my fingertips ?

Jenna Fischer plays the adorable and slightly dour receptionist Pam Beesly.   A baby girl next door who needs some TLC after a bad day at The Office.  I want her soft, slow, and intense ...I kinda think I could get her to do anything I want.

Christina Hendrick stars in the Emmy Award winning show Mad Men on AMC. She plays Joan Holloway ...three reasons I want to fuck her ok ?   Her enormous beautiful breasts, her bountiful bodacious bosom, her teasingly titanic tits. ...can't help it ...she makes me want that so bad.

 Hayden Panettiere - From Heroes and Nashville ...don't know which personality appeals to me most.  She's been known to tangle tongues with ladies in real life ...perhaps  this young lady could teach me a thing or two. 

Elizabeth Mitchell, who is currently on NBC's Revolution.   It was ages ago when she was Angelina Jolie's lesbian lover in Gia, since then if she's on it on TV (Lost, Boston Legal, ER, The V etc) I find a reason to start watching the show.  I think she is a girl I'd let Dom me for certain ...I think I'd feel her orgasmic tremors in my soul.  I might just lether take my strap on cherry.